Introducing Hazel Grace Press

Hazel Grace Press was founded in 2020 with a singular purpose in mind: 

Find stories that reflect four key values—wisdom, inspiration, grace, and nourishment—and publish them so beautifully that readers find not just a story between the pages of our books, but a home. A space to fall apart and to mend. A place to be seen and heard. 

As of February 2021, we’re looking forward to a year filled with stories: one for children, and others for the child who exists deep in every person’s heart, waiting for a whispered invitation to enter, sit down, and find comfort. 

Our first story, set to launch in May 2021, is a historical fiction children’s picture book. In the early 1500s, in Italy—the time and place of Da Vinci and Mona Lisa—a paintbrush longs to paint in the hands of one of the great painters. Its only stand-out feature? A crack running through its handle. Its supply of hope? Running out. 

Written by Rachel Rogers and Buddy Lieberman, this books perfectly fits one of our primary goals to bridge the gaps between time, place, and experience. The illustrator is Kara Bazley, who instantly captured our attention with her vibrant ink-and-watercolor style and endearing character design. 

We are so excited to bring this story to you, and we’d love for you to join us in our newsletter for a close-up view of the process. You’ll get behind-the-scenes updates, sneak peeks at illustrations and other content, advance access to stories, and even a chance to contribute to some of our upcoming projects. 

You, our reader, are why Hazel Grace Press exists, and why it’s so important to us. We’d be honored for you to connect with us, joining us on this journey to reach more and more readers like you. 

It’s going to be a beautiful adventure, and we can’t wait. 

Rachel Rogers
Hazel Grace Press 

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