Coming May 2021: The Broken Paintbrush

We are so excited to introduce our debut story The Broken Paintbrush, a historical fiction picture book.

In the early 1500s, in Italy—the time and place of Da Vinci and Mona Lisa—a paintbrush longs to paint in the hands of one of the great painters. Its only stand-out feature? A crack running through its handle. Its supply of hope? Running out.

The Broken Paintbrush, while written by authors Rachel Rogers and Buddy Lieberman with children ages 3-10 in mind, is truly a story for anyone who picks it up. Readers of all ages have described the tale with words like relatable, real, hopeful, and heart-warming.

This read-aloud, beautifully illustrated by Kara Bazley, is painted with the colors of hope over despair, healing over brokenness, and purpose over perfection.

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Rachel Rogers
Hazel Grace Press 

2 thoughts on “Coming May 2021: The Broken Paintbrush

  1. I can’t wait for this to come out! Good children’s books are so rare, especially books for very young children that actually have meaning in them. I’m so excited for you guys’ new venture!

    1. Rachel and I can’t wait to put this story out there! We’re so proud of the illustrator and have had a blast working on The Broken Paintbrush. Do you have A favorite children’s books (gotta love those questions, eh.)? – Buddy, Editorial Assistant

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