Hazel Grace Press Says No to Social Media

Hazel Grace Press is not on social media. We did that on purpose, for two main reasons.

First, so you never have to scroll through a social media feed to find information about us or our books. Second, us turning down social media allows us to create a completely peaceful space where you can best enjoy our content.

So, because there’s no point in a press that can’t reach out to its people, our team has had whole meetings on how to reach out in a world that relies so heavily social media. ­Here are our solutions:

  • Blog. All of the most vital news will go out on our blog. Everyone can come and read, and there’s an option to subscribe and receive blog posts directly once a month.
  • Newsletter. The newsletter, sent to subscribers every two weeks, is a special place of meeting between the readers and Hazel Grace Press. The best offers, interactions, and updates will arrive there from behind the scenes, with personal touches from the team members.
  • Email Address. Anyone can contact us directly at Hello@HazelGracePress.com (or through the contact form on our website), and we sincerely invite you to do so. We love hearing from you, and we love responding to you personally.

These three communication options provide various levels of directness, and all have the minimalistic benefit of being there when they’re needed and out of the way when they aren’t.

If you love social media, and want to tell your friends about us there, we’ll be honored and delighted. But we’ll never ask you to do that. Instead, we’ve pulled together a list of alternative ways you can help share Hazel Grace Press with the world:

  • Tell your friends about us, our books, and our creators. Word of mouth is by far one of the best kinds of support we can get.
  • Review our books. Reviewing the books we produce helps in more ways than you might realize, and we want to hear all the voices. Feel free to email them to us at Hello@HazelGracePress.com or through our website contact form.
  • Ask your local bookstore/library to add our books to their shelves. They might not have had a chance to hear about us yet, and you might be the one voice who changes that.
  • Sign up for our newsletter. Additionally, we invite you to reply to the newsletters, or forward them to a friend who might enjoy.
  • Post about us on your blog or comment on ours. Or ask us to guest post!

In summary, you’ll find Hazel Grace Press eager to connect. We’re here to provide you with stories that reflect the values of inspiration, wisdom, grace, and nourishment, and we never want to operate in a way that compromises those things.

2 thoughts on “Hazel Grace Press Says No to Social Media

  1. Even though I’m on several social media platforms and enjoy it, I applaud your guys’ decision! I hope this becomes a resting place from the busy world like you want. 🙂

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