The Broken Paintbrush: Cover Reveal, Information Page, Preorders

When the worlds of multiple people (the awesome Hazel Grace Press team) revolve around a single book, progress is everything; and this month has seen major progress as launch day for The Broken Paintbrush (May 29th) gets closer. We have three big updates for the world since last month: 

1. The Broken Paintbrush had its official cover reveal on April 6th. 

A week ago, Hazel Grace Press revealed the cover of The Broken Paintbrush. There’s been a lot of excitement surrounding the book since then, with good reason. The charming cover, with its serious-but-cozy vibes, gives readers a perfect hint at what to expect from the book being introduced to the world on May 29th. 

2. The Broken Paintbrush has its own information page on the HGP website. 

In preparation for preorders and launch day, there is now an information page for The Broken Paintbrush here on the Hazel Grace Press website. There, you’ll find book info and reviews for The Broken Paintbrush, along with key dates and details for preorders and the book launch. The page will also have answers to common questions about preorders, launch, and review submissions. 

3. Preorders for The Broken Paintbrush begin April 26th.  

In less than two weeks, The Broken Paintbrush will be available for purchase! Hazel Grace Press will begin taking book orders, which will be mailed out on Launch Day—May 29th, 2021.  


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And mark your calendars… The Broken Paintbrush is headed your way! 

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