The Broken Paintbrush: Book Launch & Preorder Updates

Another month, another miles-long list of things Hazel Grace Press could share updates about. But… We promised to keep things tidy and narrow it down to only the most vital updates here on the blog, so that’s what we’ll do.

First… The production phase for The Broken Paintbrush has come to a close. The story text, the illustrations, the front and back cover designs, and the book interior are complete! The next step is simply to make final decisions on a few details and then the book goes to press for the first-run printing!

Second… Due to circumstances beyond our control—a delay in obtaining sales tax permits—Hazel Grace Press made the difficult decision to close preorders for The Broken Paintbrush. Sales will reopen when the book launches, which is still on schedule for May 29, 2021. All purchases made through the end of June will include the bonuses we had planned for preorders (the e-book version included for free, to go along with a signed copy of the paperback book).

Third… On the topic of launch day for The Broken Paintbrush, it’s only two weeks away! To keep up to date on launch events and readings in both Texas and Oklahoma, see the information page for The Broken Paintbrush. We will be updating that page as often as we have new information regarding dates, places, and times for all our events.

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And, if you can hardly wait to get your copy of The Broken Paintbrush, take heart…you won’t have to wait much longer!

P.S. Book reviewer Rayleigh Setser recently posted about The Broken Paintbrush on her website Literature Approved. You can read her full review here!

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