What comes after sabbatical?

Hazel Grace Press is back from sabbatical and has a few key objectives that are the current focus of operations: 


Hazel Grace Press will be launching a new service. 

The yet-to-be-launched manuscript critique service from Hazel Grace Press will offer feedback for writers whose goal is to professionally publish their work. These critiques won’t be equivalent to developmental editing, line editing, proofreading, fact checking, or coaching/tutoring services. Instead, they’ll take an individual work, in a mostly developed and reasonably polished state, and evaluate its strengths and weaknesses in preparation for publishing. 


Hazel Grace Press will be getting ready for its next publishing project. 

The details of the next book from Hazel Grace Press are still a secret. But what’s not a secret is that it is in the works, and it will be an illustrated storybook. The launch date for the book is TBD. To keep up with the most recent news, consider subscribing to the blog and/or the newsletter. 


Hazel Grace Press will continue to help The Broken Paintbrush find its market. 

Publishing a book is only half the battle. Finding a book’s own special place where it can reach its readers is the other half, and that’s still a work in progress. Whether by way of conferences and conventions, festivals and fairs, or retail placements in bookstores and gift shops, the team at Hazel Grace Press is actively working to get The Broken Paintbrush out there. For the public, this means two things: (1) keep an eye out for updates on where Hazel Grace Press is scheduled to make an appearance at events, in case it’s your town, and (2) reach out to the team if you think The Broken Paintbrush would fit in well at an event (or in a store) that you’re familiar with. 

The end of this year promises to bring even more progress and exciting updates, so be sure to subscribe to the newsletter and enjoy the ride along with the Hazel Grace Press team! 

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